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What's that you say? You're "bored and there's nothing to do"? Well, that's just not going to fly anymore.

We've discovered a new force of energy just for kids called "Kidnetic Energy"—the energy possessed by a kid who eats right and stays in motion.

And guess what?

We're bringing the energy right to you. By tapping into the source at, you can get your own supply and keep busy all day long....

There's a ton to do at

You will find fun games to play inside or outside, by yourself or with friends, like Wet Head Games created by kids for to work up a "wet" (sweaty) head away from the computer; Move Mixer gets you groovin' with some new dance moves; Scavenger Hunt helps you tap into your own energy, and race against time in a scavenger hunt through the house; Inner G shows you what makes you tick and how your body works; and Recipe Roundup helps you cook up a winner with fun recipes like "Brewed Monkey Brain Stew" (it's really chili, silly!). tells you cool stuff about how your body works, how eating right helps you play better and feel good and how staying active is lots of fun!

So, no more excuses. will end boredom as we know it.

Let the clicking begin!