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Gross Out Delights

Blood & Guts Soup

Ick! This soup really does look like blood and guts! But, you'll be licking it up. It tastes a lot better than it looks!


Brewed Monkey Brain Stew

Don't worry! There are no monkey brain parts in this stew. It's chili, silly!

Devilish Eyeball Delicacy

There's nothing quite like two beady eyes staring back at you. Luckily, you can just pop these devilish delights in your mouth—so they can see you no more!

Dirt Bowl Dessert

You can enjoy the "dirt" in this dessert even while dressed in your best duds.  


Edible Apple Lips

This "mouth" has tasty teeth made from mini-marshmallows and lips from red apple slices! Open wide!

Franken-Fingers with Blood Sauce

Though these "fingers" might frighten your family and friends, they won't scare you away from devouring them. They're finger-licking terrific!

Insect-Infested Logs

These fun snacks look yucky, but they're sure yummy!

Savory School Paste

Eating real school paste can make you sick. But you'll love the taste of our incredible, edible "paste." We bet you'll get stuck on it! 

Sawed-off Thumbs

Scare your siblings or friends by serving them a pair of "thumbs"! For a super scare, hide your own thumbs so they'll think the "Sawed-off Thumbs" are yours! It's a hoot at Halloween time—or anytime! This'll give new meaning to the phrase "thumbs up!"